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This post is amazing.

Aug. 2nd, 2007 | 06:17 pm

Hay my chickies. Here is wuts goin' on wid me doot.

1. I am moving to New York City on the 19th to attend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology for the next two years. Cus I always knew fashion was my true calling, oh, and how~

2. I may be applying to here to hopefully be a part time, what appears to be paid, intern, at the same time. Bad idea? Puuuuuuuurhaps! But it's one or two blocks away from where I'd be living in FIT's dorms. Doesn't get much more convenient.

3. I am going to be working on a game for the next two weeks, for a small competition for making a game in two weeks.

4. More importantly, a few lovely pals of mine from the internet and I are getting together to form a Pokemon League type thing in Pokemon DP for which I will be the flying type gym leader and we'll fight each other and someone will become Pokemon Master and it'll be great, and I wanted to mention it 'cus I like birds a lot and their songs. I'm write little descriptions for all my beautiful pokemon as I go, such as my Drifblim Drifenburg:

"Wafts eerily, silently in the air staring at its pray for hours. Its red eyes pierce the densest canopy and stone, visible no matter how far away it is or what stands between it. When ready to feast, it slowly decends and encapulates its pray, its incorporeal form sliding effortlessly through its body, and hardens, allowing it to swallow its pray whole and digest it. It craps blood from the sky."

And my Aerodactyl, Victoria:

"Plays the piano."

And here is a random image script:

Although it appears you may have to right click and "view image" to get new ones cus refreshing don work fur me.

Whelp, that's all for now. Have wonderful oxygens, everyone!, do.

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Apr. 25th, 2007 | 01:20 am

After four solid months and a change of calendar...

My Pokémon Pearl friend code: 1031 7726 4020

That is all.

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Dec. 29th, 2006 | 09:01 am

I got a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas (yay!). I bought a few games for it, including Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Well, I sold a few stuff I have no way of reacquiring that you apparently need later to 'unlock' (not even remotely in a 'secret' sort of way, mind you) some things, which, despite not needing to advance in the game, I nevertheless consider a design flaw.

Anyway, PoR has a little WiFi feature allowing you to buy and sell stuff over the WiFi connection with other faceless players. But Nintendo's WiFi setup utility, for some god raping reason, cannot be accessed through the DS's system menu. You need to access it through a WiFi capable game. Which PoR apparently does not qualify as, despite having a WiFi feature, because I cannot for the life of me find any WiFi setup option anywhere -- it just looks for an access point and dies pitifully. This means that for me to get PoR's WiFi capabilities(y), I must first buy another DS game just to allow me to setup my dumb WiFi connection. God damn it, Nintendo.

I also bought Kirby Squeak Squad, which I already won with 120/120. I played it for six or seven hours straight! It probably has the best Copy system to date, with more Copy powers and individual moves than Superstar had. I have a few complaints, though. Its levels and worlds are a bit more forgettable than your average Kirby game, but that's kinda offsetted by the replayability of most levels while you're looking for more treasure chests (which, on occasion, actually hold things that are useful). It's completely linear, which is really too bad, 'cause being able to get new items from chests in a more flexible manner would have really complimented the system. Finding chests is also completely absent of backtracking (provided you're getting all chests as they appear); there was never once I saw an unreachable chest and got an ability in a later level that'd let me reach the chest, which would have been a little neat. And the Squeaks, besides the Boss Squeak, are far too easy; just pound them with your Copy ability and they'll never get back up, which isn't very fun. But some of the best moments of the game are chasing the guys to the treasure before they make it to their rat holes! Oh, and the UFO hidden scroll move (the last hidden scroll move you get) isn't as cool as I thought it'd be.

My total list of swag this year, from friends and family, is:

One burned movie (C.R.A.Z.Y.), a few burned episodes of Reboot, a few burned games, a used copy of Pokemon Dash, a new copy of Elite Beat Agents, 37 used pokemon cards (which is just what I asked him for, don't you know it), a Nintendo DS Lite (!!) with a Kirby carrying case, one volume of very old Superman comics, a medium sized Graphire 4 tablet (:D), a Hello Kitty doll (with a green bow and dress instead of red ones), a monkey plushie, three books, and a frame for my lovely Kimba the White Lion poster. Wow!

Instead of reading the books my pal gave me, I went to the library on Wednesday for the first time in years and got a couple of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels on dephlosticated's strong recommendation (since the only actual novel of the three is, I think, a sequel). Read about half of The Colour of Magic so far. It's very clever and amusing, and has many very well written passages. A bit lacking in overall structure, though. I just read the exact same plotpoint about Rincewind's single magic spell for the fifth time, with no added information. But, ah, it's the man's first novel.

Have you ever wondered why a Christmas tree with the same number of red, blue, and green lights still gives off a uniform red glow?

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Dec. 16th, 2006 | 07:14 pm

In 2039 researcher Steven Smith created a computer language that could compile into TACG.

The following year Microsoft released an iteration of Basic based on the technology and Sony included an expensive genetic replicator as an unwanted feature in their PlayStation 12 in order to promote their premature technology to the masses.

A number of 13 year old Chinese "wizards," or "script kitties," proceeded to hack the hardware and create an army of atomic mutants which quickly grew out of control and began to systematically exterminate humanity.

Most people are surprised that I talk to my dad over AIM.

Nov. 21st, 2006 | 01:24 pm

(13:19:17) ZouchBoyOfDeath: I got my research paper done
(13:19:23) ZouchBoyOfDeath: Didn't start it until 9 AM today, three hours before it was due.
(13:19:43) Dad of Ages: thats my boy
(13:20:28) ZouchBoyOfDeath: I got up a lot earlier, like 2 AM or so. But then I kinda watched all those Farscape episodes I downloaded the night before.
(13:21:03) Dad of Ages: figures
(13:21:43) Dad of Ages: I git up at 3:30 AM today to finish my report that is due today, and I have not started yet...
(13:21:57) ZouchBoyOfDeath: Awww. My daddy!
(13:21:59) ***ZouchBoyOfDeath hugs

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Nov. 17th, 2006 | 12:38 pm

Wikipedia includes a sample of each president's signature, for some dumb reason. I was going through 'em to see which American president writes his name the oogle-i-est. Of course, it's Billy! He writes his signature worse than I do for God's sake. George's is comparatively bad too, but I sort of like it for simplicity's sake. Also I find it kind of cute he can't spell his own name.

Also, ay! Loook what I bought! It's adorable! Imma gonna call 'im Dunder and he's gonna be the most ruthlessly evil killing machine in all of the pokey-mans! I got an entire family of these guys. Who ever said I wasn't obsessed? No one I've ever met. Tickle me retarded.

I mentioned way back in July or August I was gonna do a NaNoWriMo. I wrote a paragraph. I think I'm done. The person I was relying on for support stopped hers the moment her sister brought home two seasons of House on DVD.

Right now I'm doing everything in my power to forget about the research paper I hadn't started yet, which is due Tuesday, until at least Monday. Which is the only reason why I was looking up presidential signatures. Or why I am posting in my LJ, obviously.

This is as sad as it is beautiful.

This is as sad as it is beautiful, but also amazing for having an ending Disney didn't screw up. (Neither as sad nor as beautiful as Kiwi, though.)

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Oct. 25th, 2006 | 08:07 pm

I want this job.

Thanks to dephlosticated for giving me the link.

EDIT: This entire comic is quite excellent.

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Oct. 8th, 2006 | 11:02 pm

Rrrrr. I was going to a party tonight, but the ride got here half an hour before I could finish my laundry so I told everyone to just go ahead. Now I'm in a real dumb mood, like I want to get drunk and be retarded with someone else. And basically the only person who can stand my playfully rowdy, abstract, uncoordinated antics when I get in these moods just logged off from the Internet FOREVER -- or at least for tonight. Yes, Jennie! I'm talking about you! You abandoned me! YOU'RE USELESS. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? THE ONLY REASON I LIKE YOU IS SO YOU CAN SOAK UP EXTRA SOCIAL LIMBIDO, LIKE SOME SORT OF JIZZ RAG. YOU MEAN NOTHING TO ME. NOTHING!!! WHORE!!!

Also, I'm hungry. I just ate two milk chocolate bars that were lying around. Crap it, I'm ordering pizza again. I don't care if I just ordered some two days ago.

I just need a way to channel all this extra energy. Hm.


Oh wait. Wasn't I going to nuke Asia?

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Oct. 5th, 2006 | 03:15 pm


I was merrily tralalaing my time away in animation class when it was casually mentioned an apparently big(ish) anime convention, central New York's first, is being held tomorrow.

10 minutes away.

Anyone else in the central New York area (if you exist) feel like venturing out of their hole, completely without warning, for some utterly impulsive weekend fun?

I've got a few friends coming, but at the moment we're not currently organized to all be going at the same time.

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Sep. 23rd, 2006 | 02:24 pm

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is infatuatingly adorable and awfully fun, too. I kind of wish there were more gameplay mechanics at work, though. There only seems to be monsters (other pokemon), items, and Wonder Tiles, which don't do anything but change your stats back to normal if something lowered your defense or whatever. But I guess that's enough. It still has almost all of pokemon's original mechanics, with its hundreds of different moves, hundreds of unique pokemon, and all their special abilities carried over from the latest generation of games; the pokemon really carry the show, as expected. You can also "link" moves so they're both performed in the same turn for some very interest combos. Right now this amounts to Tail Whip (lowering a monster's defense) followed by Tackle for some extra damage, but I foresee some interesting applications in the future. This is also great because you can sort of program your other team members with what moves they should do, since you can't actually control anyone but yourself at all. As it stands, though, I think I prefer Chocobo's Dungeon's custom weapons system more, since, if I recall, it's far more customizable straight at the start (not that I really remember anything about it).

But what's really surprising is that it actually has a pretty involved plot element. I wasn't expecting anything like that, I just wanted it to be adorable and fun. I don't wanna spoil anything, but it had a pretty shocking plot twist just a little ways into the game that threw me for a loop. You expect in these types of games for it to establish itself and then never really change much, but it's really trying to mix that up a bit at the moment. Glee!

The biggest problem with this element of the game is that it pretty much glosses over anything your character says, giving it the old silent protagonist treatment (for the most part). This was a huge mistake. Your character is absolutely pivotal to pretty much everything that is happening in the game and they really ought to have explored him/her further. I've never been a 'silent protagonist' fan, and in this case it particularly makes you feel like you're missing a lot.

...Yeah, I wasn't expecting a serious critique of a pokemon game either, but this game really called for it.

I'll just say this: I realize the best possible ending of the game at this point is for your partner to decide he has to kill you himself, but I know that's never going to happen. :3

EDIT: If I recall, though, Chunsoft did some pretty interesting things with the plot of Chocobo's Dungeon 2, too.